Instructor: Worth, David S. This course is designed to give the student exposure to and experience using basic principles and skills of oral communication in the public context. } .alert { An introductory course in modern physics. Billing statements are issued on the 1st of each month, due on the 10th. Fostering diversity and an intellectual environment, Rice University is a comprehensive research university located on a 300-acre tree-lined campus in Houston, Texas. padding: 15px; /* Some padding */ CHEM 212 and CHEM 214 are co-requisites and must be taken together the same semester.See full course details. Proven Motivator. Gain admission into the law school of your choice with LSAT Preparation from Rice University’s only official LSAT Prep Class. 6100 Main St., Houston, TX 77005-1892 Department: Religion .comparison .price-buy { text-decoration:none; To prepare individuals for re-entering the workforce, Rice University’s Susanne M. Glasscock School of Continuing Studies is offering five innovative, reduced-cost workshops as part of a Back to Work initiative. width: 100%; Department: Religion .button-d7:after { width: 50%; width: 100%; May receive credit for only one of PHYS 102, 112, 126, AP Physics B (PHYS 141 and 142), and AP Physics-C, E&M.See full course details. CRN: 23834 This course introduces computer systems from the programmer's perspective. Code:HEAL 132 902 max-width:100%; Continuation of CHEM 211 with an emphasis on aromatic compounds, reactivity and biologically relevant molecules. Instructor: Hutchinson, John S. A continuation of CHEM 121. Course also concentrates on economic and social conditions for blacks in the 20th and 21st centuries. Instructor: Biavati, Michele. text-transform: uppercase; To use this site, you must: Login to the Rice Portal and; Click the Owlmanac link in the left hand menu on your My Account page Admin Login . } Rice University alumni; Prospective students referred to us by alumni through the Build the Class program; Prospective students who have met a recruiter at an MBA fair or event outside of Houston; Admissions Interview. } Rice has highly respected schools of Architecture, Business, Continuing Studies, … Microeconomics component includes analysis of supply and demand, consumer and producer behavior, and competitive and noncompetitive market equilibria, with applications to current policy issues. Instructor: Yearty, Kasey Leigh, Code:CHEM 213 905 Instructor: Gilbertson, Michelle L. CHEM 212 and CHEM 214 are co-requisites and must be taken together in the same semester.See full course details. Instructor: Yearty, Kasey Leigh. .ckeditor-accordion-container > dl dd { width: 50%; font-size: 1.5em; } Department: Statistics height: 100%; } 2015-2016. Code:KINE 300 901 CRN: 20272 outline: none; /* Remove outline */ Either CHEM 212 or CHEM 320 may be taken as a prerequisite for higher study in chemistry, but only one of these may be taken for credit. .button-d8:after { Code:RELI 216 901 To use this site, you must: Login to the Rice … The online short courses from Rice University explore both traditional and emerging professional principles, applying them to real-world challenges of today. This course explores the intersections of religion, politics, and social justice during the period of history marked by the emergence and activities of the Black Lives Matter Movement.See full course details. Code:HIST 215 901 position: relative; Faculty Award-Winning Faculty. Department: Cntr Lang & Intercultural Comm Thus, the philosophical material will be supplemented with poetry, film, literature, and personal essays from non-philosophers: material that will enrich their own thoughts as they try to determine the respect in which they agree or disagree with the philosophical perspectives on offer. font-size: 1.25em; Intermediate level analysis of theories of household behavior, including demand for consumer goods, labor supply, and savings/investment decisions, and producer behavior including the supply of output and demands for labor, capital and other production inputs. Instructor: Code:PHYS 104 903 .comparison td:first-child, .comparison th:first-child { 2020. CRN: 20858 Department: Economics top: 0; Department: Computer Science Topics include data representation, the compilation process, and system-level programming concepts such as interrupts and concurrency. .comparison td, .comparison th { Code:PHYS 202 901 Distribution Credit for CHEM 124 no longer eligible beginning Fall 2019. } Department: Physics and Astronomy Informative and persuasive speeches will be practiced. transition: all .3s; New students will receive information about placement testing, which will be done online. As much of the analysis in ECON 200 involves partial differentiation, MATH 212 is strongly recommended.See full course details. Introduction to the principal concepts, theories and methods of sociology. Department: Humanities Division You can now filter your search by Subject Code, School and Department. font-size: 1.25em; .container-d7 { font-size: 1rem; Algorithms are the engines of a great majority of systems, natural and artificial alike. Rice University. CRN: 20871 CRN: 20160 background-color: #A5C151; CHEM 211 may be taken as a prerequisite for higher study in chemistry. Effective May 15, 2019, this course does not carry D1 credit. CRN: 20863 Currently classes will be held online instead of in-person through the winter session. Instructor: Yao, Vida. position: absolute; transition: all .3s; text-align:center; CRN: 24169 Rice University. z-index: -2; Code:RELI 312 901 As much of the analysis in ECON 200 involves partial differentiation, MATH 212 is strongly recommended. CRN: 20865 /* font-size: 2em;*/ border-radius: 0; *See full course details. } cursor: pointer; /* Add a mouse pointer on hover */ font-weight: 600; Instructor: Alford, John R. This course introduces students to major topics in the subfield of American Politics, including public opinion, group politics, political parties, elections, congressional-presidential-bureaucratic politics, and judicial politics. } Cultural, ecological, and biological perspectives on human health and disease throughout the world.See full course details. Although many figures played a prominent role during the Civil Rights Movement, Martin L. King, Jr. and Malcolm X made unique contributions. border-left:0px; Body. Code:COMP 140 902 No prior knowledge of this language is necessary. .button-d7:before { Department: Physics and Astronomy Department: Chemistry Department: Chemistry Introduces the main fields of linguistics: phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, discourse, historical linguistics, sociolinguistics, and psycholinguistics. CRN: 20215 Numerical methods: Newton's method in one and several dimensions. font-size: 18px; /* Increase font size */ color: #004080; text-transform:uppercase; .compare-heading { Code:CHEM 214 906 Rice University is partnered with the Association for Financial Professionals (AFP) to offer a live, instructor-led online … /*-->