99 $69.99 $69.99. Installation of the weBoost Connect 4G is quick and easy and can be done with no specialized tools. An omni-directional, wideband antenna designed for use with RVs and weBoost in-vehicle boosters. ADD TO CART. We're here to help you through it six days a week. The coax cable is ~110ft long. With weBoost Connect we only use indoor antenna and so far so good, enjoying 3-4 4G bars. Works on every network, on any carrier. This is an omni-directional, wideband antenna made for weBoost in-vehicle boosters. Read the rest of this article, for more details on buying antenna-upgraded weBoost Home Room kit. Wilson Wideband Directional Antenna 50 Ohm | weBoost Yagi. Indoor antenna made for weBoost Home boosters; recognized for its sleek exterior, high performance, and intuitive wall-mount bracket. Search and shop by category to find the best signal booster for your specific needs. Better 3G & 4G signal instantly. Please note that the RV 4G cannot be used while driving. The weBoost Home and RV Panel Antenna Upgrade Kit allows you to add a panel antenna to the Home and RV kits from weBoost that currently feature a desktop antenna with an SMA connector. Contains panel antenna, 2 way splitter, 60 foot Wilson 400 cable, and 2ft Wilson 400 cable. US Based Customer Support. So you can enjoy your favorite broadcasts. While the magnet-mount “stubby” antenna that comes with the standard Drive 4G-X is probably fine in the majority of situations, we opted to upgrade to the kit that comes with the spring-loaded OTR trucker antenna for the increased performance. US | CAN. This Industry Canada Certified booster comes with all components needed for installation in one package making DIY installation a breeze. RV cellular antenna, white panel, 50 Ohm, Directional, Wall mount, 20 ft. RG58 with N-Male to SMA-Male connector. Contains two panel antennas, length of RG-11 cable (2ft), lengths of 50ft of RG-11 cable, and a 3-way splitter. VIEW DETAILS. We're here to help you through it six days a week. It’s FCC and Industry Canada approved for use with all North American cell carriers. It’s powerful wide-band coverage features up to +10.6 dB gain. For non-magnetic roofs, an adhesive disk to secure the antenna is included in the Drive Sleek kit. $119.99. All the connections are tight and there is no damage to the cable, antenna’s or the booster. Replace power adapters, install custom wall mountings, protect your signal boosting equipment from lightning surges, and more. Antenna . Toggle menu . This 50-ohm ceiling-mount Dome antenna enhances cell signal from a weBoost amplifier. 311224. Copyright © 2020, Wilson Electronics, LLC. Building cellular antenna, white dome, 75 Ohm, Omni-Directional, Ceiling mount. Contains panel antenna, two way splitter, fifty foot length of RG-11 cable, and 2ft length of RG-11 cable. Kit contains an 800MHz (Cellular) yagi and 1900MHz (PCS) panel antenna. Wilson DB Pro 4G 460103 / Wilson DB Pro 3G 462105 & 462205 / weBoost Connect 4G 470103 / weBoost Connect 3G 472105 & 472205 (3G and/or 4G boost for up to whole home, 1000 to 5,000 sq ft) Inside Antennas: Replacement … $89.99. It’s aimed directly at the nearest cell tower 13kms away. Your purchase is covered by our 60-day money back guarantee, so you can try it risk free, and our friendly, US-based technical support team is standing by to assist with anything you need. A 10-dB maximum gain can be achieved by an indoor antenna, with higher gains leading to greater power, and greater power creating a stronger signal over a much greater area. Antenna Upgrade Part 3 – Inside Equipment Installation. Includes the 304447 Inside Panel Antenna Upgrade which provides an additional 10.6 dB of gain, improving coverage from 1-2 rooms up to 3,000 sq ft depending on outside signal. ft. Works on all phones & all carriers. Building cellular antenna, white panel, 50 Ohm, Directional, Wall mount, 9 in. Our particular trucker antenna came with the cable already attached (and no way to take it off), but our old Paddle had the possibility to do this. Benefits. Upgrade: Wilson weBoost Directional Antenna (314475) (up to +7.3 dB on 700 Mhz, 1.6x more powerful on 700 MHz). WeBoost OTR Antenna Only https://amzn.to/2UOKA3p *Antenna Mount (Comet 840) for Weboost 4GX OTR https://amzn.to/2KoMnY7 *Sunglasses Holder (replaces driver side … $52.99 $ 52. Features. Wilson Amplifiers USA. FREE Shipping by Amazon. The zBoost outdoor antenna upgrade kit lets you increase the coverage area provided by your YX-510-PCS-CEL dual-band repeater kit and Wilson 801247 Signalboost DT. Home; Products; Accessories; Ag Dt Panel Antenna Upgrade 70; Home & RV Indoor Antenna Upgrade Kit (SMA-Male) 304447 $ 119.99. The cell phone cradle and outside antenna have both been changed, and cell signal booster has been added as a separate unit from the cradle. If you need a signal booster for your RV that works while driving, please see the weBoost In part 1 we removed the old King Dome satellite dish. weBoost 472120 Home Room Cell Phone Signal Booster + Antenna upgrade enhances 4G/LTE signal at home instantly in spaces up to 2500 sq. Since it’s not really designed for an RV roof, and we didn’t have another suitable location to mount it, we came up with our own solution. Receives signal from all cellular bands on all US carrier networks. Receives LTE and 4G signals. The weBoost Connect 4G is the upgraded replacement to the Wilson 460103 DB Pro 4G. The cell signal booster receives the signal, amplifies it, and serves as a relay between your phone and the nearest cell tower. If you notice any technical issues, please contact us at. The outside and inside antenna is separated 25ft horizontally. What can we help you find? For the most popular home signal booster (up to 5,000 sq ft), see the weBoost Connect 4G. If you’ve received your weBoost Installed | Home Complete, schedule your install here. This WeBoost Truck Edition antenna kit has five-band network support, providing stronger speeds and coverage for major network providers, and comes with two mast extensions for expansion. Learn how to install weBoost home cell phone signal boosters with our 6-part video guide. Search. The Wilson Panel Antenna Upgrade Kit for Desktop is a 50 Ohm indoor, wall-mount directional antenna used to broadcast boosted signals from a Wilson weBoost signal booster. 50 ohms impedance. What type of weBoost product are you looking for? Contains two panel antennas, three way splitter, two lengths of 60 ft Wilson 400 cable, and 2 ft Wilson 400 cable. A proprietary indoor antenna made exclusively for weBoost Home boosters; noted for its stylish fabric cover and high performance. Browse our full selection of cell phone signal booster parts and accessories including mounts, taps, splitters, lightning protection, antennas, connectors and cables. The weBoost RV 4G is a 2G/3G/4G/LTE signal booster kit designed for use in a parked RV. Support LineMonday - Saturday: 6AM - 9PM MST +1 866 294 1660. Building cellular antenna, white panel, 75 Ohm, Directional, Wall mount, 9 in. Get it as soon as Mon, Jan … Free Shipping | Up to 90 Day Money Back Guarantee; Compare ; My Account; USA. I describe how I installed an external OTR Truck antenna on my Travato 59K RV. 3. Booster Info: Weboost home 4G Outside Panel Antenna is Mounted on tower connected to the cabin, about 37ft high. We carry weBoost Home Room antenna upgrade kit that provides similar functionality as HiBoost kit, but at a slightly higher cost. It's easy to give you such a long warranty—our products are so durable, you won't use it. What type of weBoost product are you looking for? ADD TO CART. Notable for its high efficiency, compact, 3.4-inch design, it’s capable of receiving cell signal from towers at extended range. As long as you don't have these antennas close to each other and this antenna pointing away from the outdoor antenna it works great! Read our Consumer Guide to Cell Phone Signal Boosters. Learn More. Your devices get increased reception, and outgoing calls and data are amplified through the booster and sent back to the network. Shop weBoost's wide range of signal boosters to help improve cell reception in vehicles, trucks, RVs, homes, and offices. Home & RV Indoor Antenna Upgrade Kit (SMA-Male) 304447. Boosters; Accessories; Guide to Boosters; Blog; Support Center; Support Line Monday - Saturday: 6AM - 9PM MST +1 866 294 1660. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. … weBoost Indoor Wall Mount Panel Antenna with F-Female Connectors (75 Ohm): 700-2700 MHz – White (311155) 4.2 out of 5 stars 162. With its anti-UV plastic housing, it resists exposure to the sun, rain, and snow for year-round durability. Black cylinder, 50 Ohm, Omni-Directional, with 3 inch RG174 and 13ft RG58 Cable - SMA Male connector. 00. Using this for the indoor antenna for a weboost reach, with the outdoor antenna being the OTR antenna. 314411. Desktop cellular antenna, black cylinder, 50 Ohm, Omni-Directional, Desktop use, RG174 with SMA-Male connector. Thursday - January 21, 2021. Wilson Amplifiers Canada. Get it as soon as Mon, Jan 18. Shop weBoost's wide range of signal boosters to help improve cell reception in vehicles, trucks, RVs, homes, and offices. RG6 pigtail with F-Female connector. $109.99. This is the third part of our antenna upgrade. RV cellular antenna, white panel, 50 Ohm, Directional, Wall mount, 20 ft. RG58 with N-Male to SMA-Male connector. Kit includes the inside panel antenna, 20-ft rg58 coax cable and N-Male to SMA-Male connectors. Our best-selling devices will help you boost your cell phone signal up to 32x its current strength, no matter the provider, giving you crystal clear … We're happy to give you a full refund within 30 days. Search . A detailed guide will take you through the installation procedure, and tell you how to connect the two antennas to the main amplifier. Helps ensure efficient performance. weBoost signal boosters increase cell signal by collecting signals with a powerful antenna, delivering those signals to the booster, amplifying the cell signals so your devices receive them, and delivering your device's boosted signals back to the cell tower. We’re Open for Business. Wilson Electronics 700-2700 MHz DT Panel Antenna Upgrade with N Male and SMA Male Connectors - Retail Packaging - White Visit the weBoost Store 4.1 out of 5 stars 8 ratings With the new Sleek, it’s “out with the old and in with the new.” The new weBoost Drive Sleek (470135) is a significant upgrade from the old Drive-S Sleek (470107). Do be aware that the longer your cable runs, the more degradation of the signal you’re likely to see. It may also be possible to upgrade the external antenna cable to a beefier/longer version, but I’m not sure of the exact details. After using a cellular tower app to tune the antenna, our 4G connection has four green lights. Buying signal boosters from weBoost comes with the best customer service including a 30 day money-back guarantee and 2 year warranty. Chris in New Haven Connecticut: I work in our basement where cell phone signal problems have almost been eternal with just 1 bar. Our newly designed outside antenna sticks to the roof with a super strong rare earth magnet. Our best-selling devices will help you boost your cell phone signal up to 32x its current strength, no matter the provider, giving you crystal clear call quality and blazing 4G LTE data speeds. Things just not working out? Hopefully this will improve my cell signal when I’m on the road. Read more about the weBoost Home 4G signal booster. pigtail with N-Female connector. Your equipment is also covered by a 2-year manufacturer warranty, for extra peace of mind. Copyright © 2020, Wilson Electronics, LLC. The kit includes: weBoost 955822 20 ft. RG58 Coax Cable with N-Male and SMA Male Connectors; Wilson 311135 Wide-Band Panel Antenna with N-Female Connector Contains three wall mount panel antennas, four port splitter, 2ft length of RG-11 cable, and 50 ft cable runs of RG-11. $109.00 $ 109. Compatible with Drive 4G-X and Sleek OTR models. It’s easy to install and provides wide band coverage in an open office environments. Our powerful outside antenna reaches out to access a voice and data signal, and delivers it to the booster. In part 2 we installed the new WiFi Ranger and WeBoost antennas using the same access hole that the satellite used. Contains three panel antennas, three lengths of 60 ft of Wilson 400, four way splitter, and 2ft jumper cable. Welcome to our NEW website! VIEW DETAILS. Indoor antenna made for weBoost Home boosters; recognized for its sleek exterior, high performance, and intuitive wall-mount bracket. I saw a lot of negative reviews on this antenna and realized that people might not be installing it correctly. The weBoost 304447 Inside Panel Antenna Kit with SMA Male Connector can be used to upgrade the inside antenna for any amplifier that has an SMA connector for the inside antenna port. 2. Sometimes tech is frustrating. More Buying Choices $38.11 (23 used & new offers) weBoost Drive RV Antenna (311230) | Designed for use with weBoost RV Boosters. All 4G indoor antennas provide full wide-band 4G LTE, 3G, and 2G coverage, with low profile ultra-thin dome antennas and standard indoor dome antennas also providing full WLAN system coverage. Excellent for use in areas where less than optimum donor signal is available. Drive X RV Outside Antenna. Using the tilt-swivel mounting bracket, the 50-Ohm Wideband Directional Antenna is quick to install and point toward nearby cell towers. What type of vehicle do you need to booster? 2.