A young man has quite the “fishy” tale to tell after catching a monster of a creature in B.C.’s Fraser River. Pig Nose, weighing in at over 700 pounds and 10 feet long—that’s “longer than a tall man, and wider around than a curbside mailbox,” as Atlas Obscura reported last year—is a sturgeon, the most famous resident of Fraser River, in British Columbia. He and coworker Jeff Grimolfson are making headlines after catching an 80-year-old sturgeon known as Pig Nose, Global News reported. Nick McCabe, 19, is a tour guide with River Monster Adventures fishing company in Lillooet, British Columbia. That’s what customers of River Monster Adventures in nearby Lillooet call 19-year-old guide Nick McCabe and he lived up to his name this week he reeled in the legendary Pig Nose from the Frazer River about 60 km downstream from Lillooet. The legend lives on in Lillooet. Fellow guide Jeff Grimolfson told Global News the fish has inhabited the water for nearly 80 years and had become a legend for its uniquely shaped nose. Pig Nose, ... McCabe was glad to see the aging fish was still putting on weight, he told the CBC. A teen fish whisperer made the catch of a lifetime this week when he reeled in a legendary 650-pound sturgeon named Pig Nose that has haunted the waters of British Columbia for decades.. Nick McCabe, a 19-year-old guide with River Monster Adventures, caught the fish Tuesday night in the Fraser River. In August 2016, after a two-hour struggle, then 19-year-old River Monster Adventures guide Nick McCabe captured the legendary fish for the first time … Nick McCabe is developing a special relationship with a legend. River Monster Adventures' own Nick McCabe, 19, who has since been dubbed the "sturgeon whisperer." When 19-year-old Nick McCabe launched his boat down the Fraser River with some friends on Aug. 23, it wasn't with the goal of snagging the legendary "Pig Nose" — a 600-pound (272 kg), 80-year-old sturgeon with a distinctive red nose. Nick McCabe, a guide for River Monster Adventures – a company specialising in sturgeon fishing tours in British Columbia – was responsible for netting the legendary fish. Our guide Nick McCabe and guests brought this monster in last night,” the tour company wrote. A fisherman combing through the Fraser River in British Columbia, has successfully caught a giant monster fish. Nick McCabe is developing a special relationship with a legend.
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