Check this real life Simpsons intro, so funny. Real Life Simpsons Intro. As of season 20, she has played a trumpet, a violin, a fiddle, a tuba, a baritone horn, a clarinet, a theremin, and a harp. Despite this, the episode was the highest viewed of season 27 with 8.3 Million views.[47]. He wakes up Barney in the process, who then grabs his skateboard and breaks it in half, forcing him to walk home. more; Man throws glass vase at Holiday Inn worker's head after she asked him to put on a mask. [3] The theme, which plays over the sequence, was composed by Danny Elfman in 1989, after Groening approached him requesting a retro-style theme. [4] Chalkboard messages may involve political humor such as "The First Amendment does not cover burping",[11] pop culture references such as "I can't see dead people" (The Sixth Sense)[12] and "I was not the sixth Beatle", and meta-references such as "I am not a 32-year-old woman" (in reference to Bart's voice actress Nancy Cartwright) and "Nobody reads these anymore". "[34] Series creator Matt Groening gave the idea his blessing, and helped try to make the sequence as close to Banksy's original storyboards as possible. When the school bell rings, Bart leaves in a hurry and skateboards out of the school doors. "Treehouse of Horror VI" is the sixth episode of The Simpsons' seventh season and the sixth episode in the Treehouse of Horror series. 16 Ratings. [3] In the first of the original gags, the camera zooms in on Springfield Elementary School, where Bart can be seen writing a message on the chalkboard. Starting with this season, there were three versions of the opening: a full roughly 1 minute 15 second long version, a 45-second version and a 25-second version. Frink bumps one of the matte bars out of view, and the other one recedes as the camera zooms in on the town, with several major landmarks popping up. Marge, aping the downtrodden demeanor of Walter's wife Skyler, sits on the couch drinking coffee. [39] On The Simpsons, the animators draws key poses and then let tweeners interpolate between those poses. (2002). This new intro also includes some 3D animation when the camera pans over Springfield. Daily Dosage Subscribe Unsubscribe 922. Since season 3, the new version of the opening theme is used throughout the sequence, and Homer has to yell "D'oh" when he dodges Lisa on her bike. Daily Dosage Subscribe Unsubscribe 898. It was in December 17th 1989 when the world was introduced to the family known as Simpson. [39] Originally, they only wanted him to do the storyboards and then let their regular crew animate it, but Kricfalusi insisted on doing the animation himself, explaining that "If we had done it that way, no one would even have known that I had anything to do with it because it would have ended up on model and all pose to pose". Directed by Wesley Archer. Marge comes and drags Homer out of the bar and into her car where they drive home. [4] Groening, who had not paid much attention to television since his own childhood, was unaware that title sequences of such length were uncommon by that time. Random. Some of the solos have similarities with pieces by Donovan, Frank Zappa, James Brown, and Charlie Parker. The Simpsons intro presented with real life actors. 0:14. The bell rings and Bart skateboards out of the school doors, plowing into a pile of leaves raked up by Groundskeeper Willie and exposing Barney underneath as he belches. The first episode to use this intro was the series' second episode "Bart the Genius". The new opening sequence was animated for the show's transition to the High Definition format, premiering with the season 20 episode "Take My Life, Please". The couch gag for the episode, "The Fabulous Faker Boy", which aired on May 12, 2013, was stop-motion animated by Seth Green's Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, which also works on the television series Robot Chicken. Real Life Family Does The Simpsons Intro... A real life family takes on the Simpsons intro... and it's awesome. devilfish was commissioned create a spot that would re-affirm Sky One as the true home of The Simpsons. You organize your bookmarks in folders and tag each bookmark with keywords and can then browse them by folder or tag, or search for them. For example, in the storyboards, the workers were wearing conical Asian hats, but these were removed. Homer's scream changes as he dodges Marge (first two seasons only), In the 2009 intro, Ralph says a different word when the head of Jebediah Springfield falls on him (selected episodes in. The cumulus clouds are displayed in 16:9 television aspect ratio, with black matte bars at either end of the screen. The Simpsons opening sequence is an element of the U.S. television series The Simpsons.Almost every episode begins with it. Tagged: #The Simpsons; Show 471,629 notes zhangku reblogged this … In the hallway Sherri, Terri and Martin are having pedicures while Ralph is playing in the lost and found box. Carefully constructed by Kaufman and Broad Home Construction, the cost to build the home (in 1997) was $120,000. The shot cuts through the counter in the letter "P" to an establishing shot of the town of Springfield. Random Stuffs Subscribe Unsubscribe 771. [39], The couch gag for the episode was critically acclaimed by television critics. A typical gag features the Simpson family running into the living room, only to find some abnormality with the couch, be it a bizarre and unexpected occupant, an odd placement of the couch, such as on the ceiling, or any number of other situations. The sequence, which mirrors the normal opening but with real-life actors and locations, was originally created by British Sky Broadcasting for Sky1's promotion of The Simpsons. If You Look Once, You'll Miss Out On Stuff, The Weird And Wonderful Tales Of Parking Cars. *******norshah.blogspot**** The Simpson Real-Life Intro Version In the syndicated version for the episodes from seasons 1 to 5, the couch gag for the episode is usually replaced with the one from season five's "Rosebud" where The Simpsons find an exact double of themselves on the couch (though the syndicated versions of the later episodes retain their original couch gags). Plopper the pig is also featured for the first time in the series, during the couch gag and Homer refers to him as "my summer love."[27]. Another long couch gag was in the show's 500th episode "At Long Last Leave," showing a montage of previous couch gags. A YouTuber has painstakingly recreated the intro to The Simpsons frame-by-frame in Animal Crossing New Horizons, including a chalkboard gag and a couch gag.The opening sequence for The Simpsons is perhaps the most iconic in TV history, showing the family all making their way through the town of Springfield, causing mayhem and chaos as they go, before all arriving at home at the same time. YouTube - Real Life Simpsons Intro. This web page has not been reviewed yet. Uploaded 07/03/2006. Tweet Share on … 12 Jun 2017 979 429; Share Video. Best thing ever. Die Antwort gibt es hier! She places one batch in a silver briefcase, which she gives to Bart before he leaves the house. In the 500th episode, the opening sequence was a montage of all previous couch gags. Attached to the end of this sequence is the message "Come home to The Simpsons on Sky One. Labels: fun Posted by Beeblebrox on 5.3.06 at 17:36 | Permalink The first was at the start of the second season when the entire sequence was reanimated to improve the quality and certain shots were changed generally to add characters who had been established in the first season. [4] In The Simpsons Movie, the gag, "I will not illegally download this movie", is a reference to piracy. The chalkboard gag is a running visual joke that occurs during the opening credits of many episodes. VIDEOS GALLERIES. Netvouz is a social bookmark manager where you can store your favorite links online and access them from any computer. Real life Simpsons intro. It first aired on the Fox network in the United States on October 29, 1995, and contains three self-contained segments. Marge and Homer then come in where Lisa, Bart (dressed like a rapper) and Maggie are waiting. Instead, he weaves in between a series of secondary characters who crowd the sidewalk and then crosses the road near Moe's Tavern, earning the eye of Chief Wiggum. Real Life Simpsons Intro Home | About Us | Contact | Privacy Policy | Copyright Info | Search | RSS | About Us | Contact | Privacy Policy | Copyright Info | Search | RSS None of the things he depicts are true. The camera cuts to Springfield Elementary where Jimbo, Dolph and Kearney are hoisting Martin Prince up a flagpole by his underwear and saluting it as if it were a flag. [36] The toys are then placed into a cart pulled by a sad panda which is driven by a man with a whip. Beitragsautor Von Sebbi; Beitragsdatum Sonntag, 5. Even The Horse Showed It's Sympathy For The Girl Who Just Couldn't Climb Up, Brazilian Bodybuilder Let's A Blind Girl Touch His Muscular Body, 25 Women Inappropriately Dressed For Walmart, Skinny Guys Who Transformed Into Muscular Hunk. ” Marge is now driving an orange station wagon instead of a red sedan, reflecting the change in the show. The sequence opens as usual, until Bart skateboards out of the school and lands on the pile of leaves. Real Life Simpsons Intro (Very Good) DarkMagicianz Subscribe Unsubscribe 10. quietlydiabolic liked this . Share Video. They can be seen several times a week on almost any channel at almost any time. [33] After the Simpsons arrive at home, the camera cuts to a shot of them on the couch, then zooms out to show this as a picture hanging on the wall of a fictional overseas Asian animation and merchandise sweatshop. For example, longer couch gags have been used to fill time in shorter episodes, such as in "Lisa's First Word", "The Front"[19] and "Cape Feare". Real Life Simpsons. Keeping your feedback in mind from our original Homer study, along with the characteristics of the family members, the following presentation reveals how the entire family would look as real Simpsonoids.. Homer, in his mid-30’s is our favorite donut eating, bumbling buffoon. Even The Horse Showed It's Sympathy For The Girl Who Just Couldn't Climb Up. Then the bus where Otto falls over. Finally, the couch is shown, and Bart walks into the room, alone, carrying his broken skateboard. [7] This episode was the first to feature the new opening sequence. The intro sequence for the episode "My Fare Lady" was done in a pixel art style, created by Australian animators Paul Robertson and Ivan Dixon. The scene cuts to a church bake sale, where Marge sells a cupcake to Milhouse as Homer watches from a distance. Spotting All the Horror References in Guillermo de Toro's 'Simpsons' Opening", "Sunday final ratings: 'Simpsons' still at a season high after downward adjustment", "The 75 Best TV Title Sequences of All Time", Planet Simpson: How a Cartoon Masterpiece Documented an Era and Defined a Generation,, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Bart skateboards past Otto before weaving through several townspeople: a machete-swinging Sideshow Bob, Helen Lovejoy, Apu and his octuplets, Moe, Comic Book Guy, Disco Stu, the Crazy Cat Lady, the Rich Texan and Chief Wiggum, who shakes his baton at Bart as Bart crosses the road. On the big screen!" The sequence opens as usual with movement through cumulus clouds, while a 3-eyed crow flies by. The crow is sometimes replaced by Shary Bobbins flying by using her umbrella, a stork carrying Maggie in a bag, Homer on a chair on balloons, Santa's Little Helper catching a frisbee or on his flying doghouse (a reference to Snoopy's flying ace story in The Peanuts Movie), the Planet Express Ship from Futurama, Maggie and Grampa bringing down the old and up the new year ribbons respectively, and others. Share. They all run into the living room and sit on the couch before a number of characters lift them up. In this gag, Bart Simpson is writing lines on the chalkboard as a punishment; when the school bell rings, he immediately stops writing and runs out of the classroom. It shows Homer Simpson from the animated show The Simpsons, but this isn't cartoony yellow Homer. The camera then weaves through several buildings and structures, featuring a "billboard gag" towards Springfield Elementary and zooms through the familiar window where Bart writes lines as punishment on the chalkboard. Lisa's bike ride is cut, and instead, upon Marge and Maggie honking their horns, there is a "whip-pan" across the town, featuring a significant number of secondary characters, towards the Simpsons' house. Bart as Kristoff hits her with a snowball and she immediately creates a giant ice palace, with Bart stuck at the top. Daily Dosage Subscribe Unsubscribe 898. more; Man throws glass vase at Holiday Inn worker's head after she asked him to put on a mask. In a 2010 issue of TV Guide, The Simpsons opening title sequence ranked #1 on a list of TV's top 10 credits sequences, as selected by readers. It then shows Groundskeeper Willie brushing his teeth with whiskey. - video encodings still in process - report. What would the Simpsons look like if they were real people? I didn't follow any models—not even my own". Someone went through a lot of trouble to very accurately depict the Simpsons intro with real life actors. - PLEASE SUBSCRIBE - Near Las Vegas sits an amazing piece of television promotional history. At the end of the sequence, the TV set sometimes comes loose from its wall mount and smashes on the floor (since 2009). When the end-at-shift whistle blows, Lenny falls off the ladder onto Carl Carlson who is securing the bottom of the ladder, and as in the previous opening sequences, the green uranium rod falls into Homer's clothing as he leaves. Real life Simpsons intro – popular memes on the site 16 Ratings. "[34], After the positive response to the opening sequence by Banksy, creator Matt Groening and Jean came to Canadian animator and creator of The Ren & Stimpy Show, John Kricfalusi and asked him if he could do something similar for the episode "Bart Stops to Smell the Roosevelts". Matthias Düsi; Montag, 6. A Christmas-themed version of the opening sequence was animated for "Kill Gil, Volumes I & II" and later re-aired with "The Burns and the Bees". 0:35. Whenever she plays a different instrument, she takes it with her while riding home on her bike. Kaum eine (animierte) Sitcom wurde so lange produziert und hat eine dermaßen große Fangemeinde. [36] Another employee uses the horn of a sickly unicorn to smash the holes in the center of The Simpsons DVDs. "He Loves to Fly and He D'ohs" was the first new episode to air following the release of The Simpsons Movie, and the episode's opening sequence is a callback to the film. The gag had been written as an apology to the city for a controversial song in the previous week's episode, which called the city a "home of pirates, drunks and whores". Not today sadly! The first episode to use this intro was the series' second episode "Bart the Genius". Real-Life “The Simpsons” Intro October 16, 2012 2 Mins Read For those who don’t already know, “The Simpsons” is currently the longest-running American sitcom, the longest-running American animated program and has won dozens of awards since it debuted as a series, including 27 Primetime Emmy Awards, 30 Annie Awards and a Peabody Award. 0:14. This sequence is similar to the previous one, but features many visual changes that take advantage of the wider format. [41] While Kricfalusi animated the 2D parts, he had John Kedzie to help him with the computer graphics and Sarah Harkey and Tommy Tanner to do the assistant animation. According to Nelson Shin, the founder of AKOM, they received the storyboard for the sequence in August 2010. [7] It was the first major permanent change to the show's introduction since the opening added in season two; previous changes have included variations in the duration of the intro, and special one-shot introductions for the Treehouse of Horror Halloween episodes, as well as a handful of others. [6], "Take My Life, Please" was the first episode of The Simpsons to air in 720p high-definition television, though not the first time The Simpsons appeared in high-definition, as The Simpsons Movie was rendered in HD. h1ryndrsn: “phlynn: “ Real life Simpsons intro ” the weirdest thing i have ever watched Best thing ever. It then shows Nelson singing before showing inside Moe's bar where a group of people are fighting. The camera alternates between close-ups of her jerking the wheel back and forth and the car veering wildly, it then zooms out to reveal that her wheel is only a toy. [22] The live-action opening had also become an Internet hit before it was aired in front of "Homer Simpson, This Is Your Wife", and it was Groening's decision to use it. She exits the room playing a saxophone solo, which sometimes changes. It depicts Homer using a time-traveling remote control to regress to his original 1987 character model from The Tracey Ullman Show then accidentally going into a distant future incarnation of the show called The Sampsans where he and his family have evolved into grotesque, mindless, catchphrase-spouting mutants, which also say to 'buy their merchandise'. Maude Flanders and Marvin Monroe, however, remains in the pan across Springfield, despite having also died, For some reason Marge and Maggie's supermarket and car sequences have been cut, Jimbo and Kearney saw off the star of the Christmas tree instead of the head of Jebediah Springfield and the star falls on Ralph who is licking a frozen pole, When Bart snowboards out the school doors, he plows into a pile of snow shovelled by Groundskeeper Willie, exposing Grampa underneath as he holds a sign that says "Still warmer than nursing home", The plant has been replaced with Santa's Workshop, Homer paints a cane and Lenny changes the number of "days till March 28, actual birth of Christ" on the sign from 94 to 93 before falling off the ladder, Marge's supermarket has been replaced by a gift shop, Maggie is gifted, she stamps Baby Gerald as "defective", and two men take him away, Snow falls on Lisa after she finishes her solo, Homer's car has been replaced with a snowmobile and Otto smokes on the cane when it lands on his lap, Marge's car has been replaced with a dog sled, two more sleds come to her until Mr. Burns and Smithers' sled scares the other mean sled away, and Maggie imitates Marge's rope throwing, When Bart snowboards out the school doors, he plows into the pile of snow shovelled by Groundskeeper Willie, who is being played by two polar bears, At Santa's Workshop, Lenny changes the number of "days until Greek Orthodox Christmas" on the sign from 31 to 30 before falling off the ladder, At Marge's gift shop, Maggie gives Baby Gerald a present to make him feel better, At band practice, everyone plays "Jingle Bells", and Lisa gets completely covered in snow after she finishes her solo, In Marge's dog sled scene, an abominable snowman is seen in the background, and three more sleds come to her until Mr. Burns and Smithers' sled scares the other two mean sleds away, When Bart snowboards out the school doors, he crashes into Frosty the Snowman, who was built by Groundskeeper Willie, At Santa's Workshop, Lenny changes the number of "Bricks and Mortar stores remaining" on the sign from 24 to 23 before falling off the ladder, At band practice, everyone plays "Deck the Halls" ("'Tis the 30th Season" only), In Marge's dog sled scene, an elf is seen in the background, and four more sleds come to her until Mr. Burns and Smithers' sled scares the other three mean sleds away ("Gone Boy" only), In "'Tis the 30th Season", the shot of the family on their way back to 742 Evergreen Terrace have been cut, This page was last edited on 18 January 2021, at 22:48. An homage to the AMC drama Breaking Bad is used as an opening sequence for "What Animated Women Want", set to the tune of "Crystal Blue Persuasion" by Tommy James and the Shondells. The camera zooms out to reveal a live-action scene (taken from the episode "Hazard Pay") of Walter White and his partner Jesse Pinkman sitting on a couch drinking beer and watching the sequence on a TV. Next Video. The Simpsons opening sequence is an element of the U.S. television series The Simpsons.Almost every episode begins with it. [36] A man shipping boxes with The Simpsons logo on the side uses the tongue from a decapitated dolphin head to fasten shut the packages. YouTube - Real Life Simpsons Intro. He then gives it to Mrs Krabappel who drinks some while they walk into school before Mrs Krabappel grabs Willie and drags him into a classroom. Homer is then shown driving home and discards the stuck uranium rod out the window; it lands in Otto's lap and he eats it. Homer feels sad when he returns to the bastardized world he lives in. [4] The other gag is known as a "couch gag", in which a twist of events occur when the family meets to sit on their couch and watch television. Some scenes were replaced or modified: In Bart's chalkboard gag, the school is now orange with purple accents instead of lavender, the classroom is now green instead of lavender, there are desks, a wastebasket and a bookshelf in the background, and a photo of Homer and a clock are seen on walls. Several movie characters reappear, including president Schwarzenegger, the Multi-Eyed Squirrel, Colin, Russ Cargill, and the Medicine Woman. For example, the chalkboard gag for "Homer the Heretic" reads, "I will not defame New Orleans." [15], During the opening sequence, Lisa is seen being ejected from band rehearsal due to her non-conformist saxophone playing. Parents News You Can Use Self-Care How-To Real Talk 'Life After Birth' Dad Life Parents Voices Royal Kids. A completely different sequence was created for The Simpsons Movie and features an orchestrated version of "The Simpsons Theme" as adapted by Hans Zimmer. The scene changes to Mr. Burns, who collapses under the extra weight of the toothpaste on his toothbrush, which is dispensed by Smithers. Recent Posts. ” At work, when Homer drops the tongs, the glowing rod bounces into his mouth, causing him to swallow it, before collapsing. Why Virgin America is my favorite airline. The standard opening has had two major revisions. [20] An extended couch gag was also seen in the first episode to use the new opening sequence, "Take My Life, Please", where the family chases their couch on a tour across the world. real intro the simpsons. [49] In 2017, James Charisma of Paste ranked the opening sequence #1 on a list of The 75 Best TV Title Sequences of All Time. All Rights Reserved. [28] This is the first canonical episode that does not feature "The Simpsons Theme" in any capacity, in the show's history. When Bart skateboards down the sidewalk, the scenery is different, the bank of televisions is changed and shorter, and Bart no longer notices them. By John Chow March 4th, 2006 3 responses Ramblings, Videos. The sequence starts with Lisa waking up and then grabbing Milhouse's glasses. [50], Silverman, David. "[39] He continued: "The visual look of the show, which has been so carefully controlled by its producers, becomes a giddy and unrestrained playground for graphic play, and the balance of creative authority is shifted from the writers’ room to the animators in one fell swoop." Ein sehenswertes Video . Finally, the family television has been redesigned to give it a more retro style than in season 1. Introducing: The Homer Moon Waffles By Homer Simpson Get Made In Real … 17 Comments. Real life Simpsons intro. In "Gone Boy", the family pops into popcorn sitting on a hot couch, and are threaded onto a garland that is hung around the Christmas tree. Amid Amidi of Cartoon Brew calls the opening revolutionary and explains that "in 35 short and sweet seconds, he liberates the animation of The Simpsons from years of graphic banality. If you’ve ever seen someone on the bus and thought, “Damn, that guy looks a lot like Homer Simpson,” then this list is for you. Believing the sequence to be "excessive and offending" he pushed for some of the darker jokes to be removed. (2004). Then, in selected episodes from "How the Test Was Won" to "Moe Letter Blues", he says a few words after the head falls on him. The chalkboard gag ("I must not write all over the walls") is written all over the classroom walls, clock, door, and floor. Unlike the first HD Christmas version, Jimbo and Kearney's Christmas tree scene has been cut, the other key differences are as follows: The couch gag, in the end, features a message that reads: “Now for obligatory Frozen reference”, before cutting to a snow couch, where Lisa, appearing as Elsa, is sitting. Maggie is rung up at a price of $847.63 (representing the monthly cost of raising a child at the time) and bagged. As it falls on him, he inadvertently tosses the cone into the statue's eye. via Stefan Weigands b.l.o.g. [39] Groening told him to break all The Simpsons rules, but Kricfalusi explains that he "tried not to break any rules in the characters’ personalities, just in the execution of the visuals. Add. Login to Comment ; Join us on Discord! devilfish was commissioned create a spot that would re-affirm Sky One as the true home of The Simpsons. The camera then zooms through a window of the school where Bart is doing the chalkboard gag which is "I will not illegally download this movie", a reference to piracy before quick-fading to the popular 90s band Green Day who are hosting a concert at Lake Springfield, playing their rendition of "The Simpsons Theme". no thanks About Links Ask sike Submit a post Real life Simpsons intro. Tweet; Email; My New FREE Video Course On How To Start a Successful Blog - Get It Here Now! 30,448 Views; 17 Comments; 26 Favorites; Share; Tweet; Flip; Email; Pin It; Embed: Use old embed code. Thief: i want buy a car . The end-of-shift whistle blows, and Homer immediately takes off his mask and drops his tongs to leave work. Auch der Sender Sky (OOO?) The phrase he writes on the chalkboard changes from episode to episode. [26] We also see that the Simpsons' house is still under construction and the silo is strapped to Homer's car. They are thought to reside in a town called Springfield in an unknown state within USA. Kyle Towers — April 21, 2013 — Pop Culture. [17] Lisa plays the baritone saxophone, but according to Matt Groening, "she doesn't always play a baritone sax because the animators don't know what it looks like, so it changes shape and color from show to show."[18]. Among the products Marge is buying is Tomacco juice, Mr. Sparkle detergent and Krusty-O's cereal. Maggie shakes her fist at Baby Gerald, who is beside her in another shopping cart. Real life Simpsons intro. Next, when Maggie is seen at the steering wheel, when the camera zooms out, it reveals that she is actually driving the car while Marge is sleeping in the backseat. [43], Guillermo del Toro directed the 3-minute opening sequence for "Treehouse of Horror XXIV", which contained numerous references to horror and science fiction, including his own films.[44]. After 30 seasons, The Simpsons’ opening credits sequence is certainly iconic, but it has changed significantly since the original episodes aired. The camera zooms in through the town, toward a lavender Springfield Elementary and then through a window to a lavender classroom, where Bart is writing lines on the class chalkboard as a punishment, and three drawings are seen on the wall. The sequence opens with a parody of the Breaking Bad title card, with The Simpsons displayed across the screen with the symbols for Thorium (Th) and Silicon (Si) appearing at the beginning of each word. [5], The season two episode "Bart Gets an "F"" featured a revised opening sequence, which was shortened by fifteen seconds from its original length of roughly 1 minute, 30 seconds. Homer reaches the house first instead of Lisa, and Bart bounces his skateboard off the car and rolls toward the front door. Related Videos. Real Life Simpsons Intro. [OT] Real life Simpsons. SCORE 20. rating distribution. When The Design Board Works With A Hangover, Girl Juggling Like She Is Performing Magic.
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